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Salakyathantra is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda which includes the diseases of head and neck. The department offers teaching and training modules in Ophthalmology. Oto-rhino laryngology and dentistry. Minor surgeries and para-surgical procedures are conducted in mini operation theatre - which includes chedana karma, lekhana, bhedana, jalookavacharanam, sirovedham, kuttanam, prachanam. In the OP section other procedures like anjanam, achjothanam, sekam, karnapooranam, epilation etc. are done. Variety of cases attended in the OP section with the aid of instruments such as ophthalmoscope, otoscope, tuning form, slit lamp, bull's eye lamp. Dark room for refraction is also set in the hospital. In the IP section, tharpanam, putapakam, nasyam, siropichu, sirovasthi, sirodhara, etc. are done. Clinical training is regular and the department has records of successfully treating RP, Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, sinusitis, myopia, headache, optic atrophy, nasal polyps etc. The department has a collection of charts, models and specimens. The department has a research credit on chronic supportive Otitis media (poothikarna). Shalakyatantra is the branch of Ayurveda, which relates to the diseases of EYE, EAR, NOSE THROAT and Orodental, its treatment by classical methods like Kriyakalpas and different surgical methods. Knowledge of Shalakya enables the students to be an authority in Shalakyatantra & make him a good clinician, a competent surgeon, a good teacher & a scientist with an analytical mind. Shalakyatantra is a subject, which requires the best judgment & clinical acumen and hand skills. To achieve this he should have a sound knowledge of various aspects of Shalakyatantra like eyes, E.N.T and orodental.


  • To pass out as a committed Ayurvedic Surgeon, an open minded researcher, an efficient teacher, an able clinician and a life and sight giving surgeon.
  • To study the Ayurvedic perspectives regarding various surgical ailments and their management in netra, nasa, karna and mukharoga.
  • To learn and master Ayurvedic kriyakalpas viz. tarpan, putapaka, anjana, pariseka, etc.
  • To carry out research oriented study and practical training of kriyakalpas.
  • To become highly efficient in the pre & postoperative treatments & measures.
  • To learn the basic skills of surgery and gain the "Asammoha Shastravaidya Lakshanam".
  • To acquire the most difficult but the most important skill of judgment and decision-making in clinical practice.

Departmental Features:

  • State of the art well equipped three separate OPDs- Netra (Eye), Karna-Nasa-Mukha (E.N.T), and Danta (Orodental).
  • Separate well equipped O.T. for Shalakyatantra.
  • Special Ayurvedic treatment is given for many chronic and common diseases e.g. for dry eye/ computer vision syndrome- Netratarpana, Aschyotana, for Karnasrava- Karnadhupan, etc.
  • Many eye camps like squint, cataract surgery are conducted successfully.
  • Camps conducted by department-
    • Limca Book of Records in our Ayurved Hospital Sane Guruji Arogya Kendra:- A free Squint Camp was organised at our Hospital in association with Pune Netra Seva Pratishtan (an NGO from Pune) and Sarva Mangal Madhurum Trust (an NGO from Mumbai) on 29/05/2009 to 01/06/2009. After investigating squint Patients in our Hospital, 132 Patient were admitted on 29/06/2009 for operations. Ten Surgeons and six anesthetist performed the 132 operations of this patients successfully. This event made it into the Limca Book of Records (an Indian version of Guineas book of records).
    • Free Phacoemulsification cataract surgery camp conducted on 15th of may 2010 on occasion of 50th anniversary of the institute. Total 50 patients were operated.
    • Small incision cataract surgery camp conducted on 22/10/2010, and 19/01/2011 - Total 20 & 14 patients were operated for free of cost, respectively.
    • Phacoemulsification paid camp with minimal charges was conducted on 21/05/2011 in which 16 patients were operated.
      All these camps were conducted by the prior permission of D.B.C.S pune district chief.

Teaching Faculties:


Name of Faculty




Vd. Garge Pramod Gangadhar

Professor & HOD

B.A.M & S, Ph.D


Vd. Kanade Vivek Balkrishna


MS (Shalakyatantra)


Vd. Radaye Nutan Ravindra


MS (Shalakyatantra)


Vd. More Pradnya Sanket


MS (Shalakyatantra)


Vd.Bangar Rajashree Manikrao


MS (Shalakyatantra)


Vd. Thorat Prashant Bhaskarra


MS (Shalakyatantra)