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COVID-19 Ventilator Training

 YMT College of Physiotherapy, Kharghar conducted a training program titled ‘COVID-19 Ventilator Training’ on 10th July 2020 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

38 participants were attended which included the faculty of YMT College of Physiotherapy, YMT School of Nursing and YMT Hospital Nursing staff of Kharghar campus.

The aim of the program as to give awareness on COVID-19 management and the use of ventilators

The program was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 prevention guidelines on social distancing, protective measures, sanitization etc.

The resource persons were Ms. Sadhana Patil, MSc Nursing, MBA in Health Care Administration of AAA Health Care and Mr Joy Mukherjee of Emergent MedTech, Navi Mumbai. The objectives of the training were to give in-depth knowledge on COVID-19 signs, symptoms & complications, orientation to the assembly & operation of ventilators and exposure to simulated chest and cardiac conditions on software-based mannequin.



Inviting application of CME for Teachers in KRIY ASHARIR
Reference: RA V Letter no.65-2171RA V/2011-121E&C/26 dated 19108/2019 More Information Click here






Today is “Tree Plantation” Day 1st July.  Dr. G. D. Pol Foundation Trust since 1989 has made an overall progress and fast development in the field of Medical Education and Health Services. The Foundation is running YMT Ayurvedic, YMT Homoeopathic, YMT Dental, YMT Nursing and YMT Management Colleges at Sector 4, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.  Plantation of 100 trees on today’s day is been done by Dr G D Pol Foundation at Sector 5, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai with Chief Guest  Mrs S V Tarar Joint Charity Commissioner, Greater Mumbai Region, Mrs. Gaikar and Mr Dipak Kharade.  Mr. Hrishikesh G Pol, Trustee of Dr G D Pol Foundation informed that Trust will be doing plantation of 500 trees within this week. The plants will have different medicinal values which will be beneficial for Research Scholars for their research work. Mrs. S V Tarar, Jt. Charity Commissioner, Greater Mumbai informed to take care of the plants and grow old. Also, she was happy to hear about plantation of 500 trees by Dr. G D Pol Foundation at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She said Dr G D Pol Foundation is doing very good program of cultivating medicinal plants is the area of Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Also, she appreciated work done by the foundation in the field of Education and Health care.


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